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Our Coordinators


Study Coordinator

After 10 years of working as a study coordinator and site manager, she decided to pursue the venture of opening up a site of her own. As a true entrepreneur, she wanted to create a site that made patient and sponsor feel that they were in good hands. She has been ACRP certified since 2004 and continually strives to maintain the credibility of her reputation with sponsors, and her patients serving with patient safety first.


Study Coordinator

After working 6 years in a community mental health center, Nichole made the switch to clinical research, which she has been doing for more than 8 years now. Her passion for finding better treatment options for patients is unmatched. She is dedicated to her patients and their safety. She strives to ensure following each protocol and maintaining data integrity along the way. 


Study Coordinator

Jennifer's many years working in customer service made her transition into research a breeze providing excellent service to monitors and patients. Her strong team work ethics help maintain a positive relationship with sponsor and patients. She strives for each aspect of a study to work together for the common goal of the protocol. Data integrity and patient safety are her main focus during each trials she coordinates and is apart of.

Carlos Escoto Jach, RN

Study Coordinator

Carlos fled his country and career due to it's communist state and for a better life. Carlos was a surgeon in Cuba and was the head of the training department for residencies in the Hospital he worked for. After fleeing, he came here and fought his way through and became a registered nurse here in America. Carlos's experience and previous career helps him pinpoint any issues with patient safety and able to communicate effectively with the investigators in our site. He strives for patient safety and protocol compliance. 

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